Now the Groom is worshiped as Lord Vishnu He offered Vishter, Achminium, Padhium and so on, followed by the Manglaashtak, Gowtra Uchar, the Bride is eagerly waiting for my cue to announce"KANYA PADHRAWO SAWADHAN!!!" She walks down the aisle usually accompanied by her maternal uncles or her friends, arrives in the mandap, to face her love, at an appropriate moment that is calculated by me according to their Jan ma Kundli, at a prices moment the veil Antar Patt is lifted off so both their eyes meet ,they garland each other, with the Varmala I unite them and tie them into Sanatan matrimony by the Knot Chedda Cheddi. Now the Family rituals follow if you are Mistrys then there is Addllo Paddllo, if Kutchies then Kaniyadan, if Brahman Chabb with moddiyo and the Brides Garchodoo to worn at the Mangal Ferras, Now although having had extensive experience in my field, I do need elaborations of your family traditions and rituals. Usually four married ladies from either side bless the couple while they are seated face to face.

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