Shree shakti mandir

Shree Shakti Mandir has been established since 1972 as a small PRIVATE mandir in Wembley in London U.K. where we celebrate all festivals and events of the hindu calendar. We perform pooja on individual basis as well as weddings, kathas, havan, etc at your place or here. We have the capacity of approx. 150 people. We perform Hindu ceremonies based on Shukla Paksh Vedic Sanatan Dharma pertaining to the Northern Culture of India. However, You are welcome bring your own priest to perform any ceremonies based on your beliefs such as the Krishna Paksh rituals performed in the Southern part of India.


My father was a Hindu Priest for all his life and this is the second/third generations of our clients that I am privilege to serve now. Most of them are Gujaratis formerly from East Africa however at present, we have clients from Hindu Punjabi, Sikhs as well as Hindus of Mauritian Fijian West Indies Trinidad origins , South Indians from Telugu, Karnataka, Kannada,Tamil and from Sri Lanka , Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet from North India . In short we serve the Multicultural society of Great Britain around London, UK. Europe or any part of the world . We can explain our ceremonies thoroughly in English, Gujarati, and Hindi and are accustomed to keeping a large crowd captive during our ceremonies. We advise on all aspects of Hindu religion to any one who is interested free of charge. We sit with our clients at length to ensure that all ceremonies are performed properly and as per our clients needs as well as the requirements.

Shree Shakti Mandir is open for darshan at all times however we prefer you to inform us before you arrive. We accepts offerings to dieties as well as that made to Brahmins. Please feel free to contact us regarding any queries you have.