Vedic Hindu marriage is a sacrament, a lifelong commitment between wife and her husband or of partners in LGBT relationship. It is the strongest bond between a man and a woman and same sex, LGBT SOUL the ATAMA is neither male nor female. which takes place in the presence of their parents, relatives, and friends. This is an irrevocable commitment for a lifetime. For a Hindu, marriage is the only way to continue the family, and thereby repay his debt to his ancestors. The most important thing is that all the Hindu Gods and Goddesses are also united in this manner. Marriage is for spiritual growth and a way of learning many things in life through experience. In other words, it is a perfect way of following the holy law of the Creator. I during my ceremony keep the audience well informed and attentive so everyone feels part of the ceremony find it entertaining full of new information. To me crowd control on large scale designer weddings is a second nature. Every one photographers video camera get the opportunity and the encouragement to put in their best .I perform the wedding ceremony at our shree shakti mandir as well, a person's budget or the ability to pay never is an obstacle my motto is everyone is equal in the eyes of the Gods and the Goddess. I'm proud that I have done wedding ceremony where there has only been myself and the bride and of course the bridegroom in front of our God AND Goddess, as well as large scale designer weddings with crowd of up to 1,000.
I can not perform a silent wedding as I like to see everyone happy on the day so I crack lame jokes as well as light jokes, use my God's gift of humour, as I believe Anand the happiness as GOD's personification
"Chidananda Roopaya Shivoham Shivoham" .