Janeu the YagIyopavit Upanayee Janoi the Yagnopait . The scared thread worn by the bhramins and the visiyas and the Kshatriya and now also by the sudras; girls and women. This ceremony involves the provocations of the gods just as in the graha shanti then the havan, eventually the batuk takes his vows and the sacred thread is worn by him to maintain celibacy and to be serious in his career seeking till he can support his wife on his own.

Shree Sanatan Dharma is based on 16 stages of life from birth till death, this ceremony is performed before puberty at 13 years . 7 years for Bahamians, 11 years for Kshatriya, 13 years for Vaishyas and Sudra,.

Shree Sanatan Dharma, the 16 stages of life, losses it's purpose when a person over 12-year-old, the Batuk, vows for celibacy to gain education, at the Yagyopavita , Janeu, Upanayana the sacred thread ceremony, at his wedding ; while ; " at the age of 13 puberty sets in . " (ref: google search).

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