Randal Mata Poojan

Randal Mata is the wife of the Sun God Shree Suryanarayan, She is the ultimate energy, as the sun is the ultimate source of energy the Shakti. Vishavakarma is the Father of Shree Randal Mata, I believe Vishvakarma is the assistant, the actual form of Lord Brahma, One day Randal mata got very tired of all the radiance flowing from the Suryanarayan; the heat was too much for her to bear ,She went to the parents house and said "My Father I need salvation" as the heat from my husband is over whelming .Father due to his vow to Suryanarayan in the lagana mandap was embezzled, but being a creator he came with a solution and created a duplicate Randal Mata . The duplicate Randal Mata went back to Suryanarayan, he produce more children with her ,but one day he noticed that she was being biased towards the children of the original Randal Mata and eventually discovered the fraud !!! Since that day the Randal Mata comes to your home in pair as Lotas ,From two to eight Lotas, IF MORE THEN EIGHT THEN THEY BECOME A JAAG. One as the original the other as the duplicate.The JAAG has to be performed for seven days continuously for each lota you have to invite seven goinies, for two: fourteen goinies, for four: twenty eight goinies, for more then EIGHT ???? then that becomes a JAAG. You have to do the pooja for seven days inviting alternatIve goinies for each day, So 56 alternate goinies a day. Now a days in London there are so called Bhuvas and Mandirs, who perform Randalmata pooja 108 Randalmata Lotas in one day !!!!!!! only RANDAL MATA KNOWS OF WHAT AND HOW AND WHY OF THEIR MOTIVES.BUT if more then eight lotas that is definatly a JAAG.

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