Nav Durga Shakti archana and YAGNA.

Yagna means a Sholom promise or determination, there are two distinct personality in every individuals, or the two ego system within the self: Jackal and Hide. The Intelligent and the Mind. The mind has 6 forces playing in interactions to keep you happy, the Kama, the Krodh, the Lobh, the Mo ha, the Maad and finally the Madsar. In English the sexual desire or any desire,and if that desire is not full filled result is Anger the KROADH!!!!, the Greed: to acquire and not to spend,the Mo ha sense of ownership and finally jealousy THE MADSAR. The intelligent works on a binary system of 1 and 0 the right and wrong ,There is an inter play between this two systems of the mind and the intelligent the result is confusion brought about by your own self .To over come this confusion state there is the pooja the Yagna [the solemn promise]. This will build your self confidence, help you to over come your vices and bad habits.

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