Shiv Rudrabhishek

Shiv Rudra Abhishekam is performed by pouring milk and water, with panchamrut while reciting the the Rudri or the Shiv Mahima Stotra over the Shiv Ling, Our temple dose so every Shivaratri the birth day of Lord Shiva. Shiv the Bhole Nath, as the name suggest is humble and easily pleased God of the trinity; Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv the Bhole Nath or Mahesh.He readily gives Benedictions to every one even the devils or the evil spirits the Bhut and the Pisach (GHOST ANDTHE SPIRIT) are his constant companions,the Deity of the Crematorium Ground his residential address!!! as he is in charge of devastation. Rudri is perform on birthdays to bring the blessings of lord Shiva any time when you feel a need of strength or to over come any type of illness.

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